As a new home buyer it is important to identify all issues that can potentially cause severe damage to your home.  R3 Home Inspections understands the risks Wood Destroying Insects, such as termites, can pose for your home.  

That is why a Wood Destroying Insects assessment is included with all Complete Home Inspections at no additional charge.

Subterranean Termites – Commonly live in the soil surrounding your home and feed on the wood that forms the structure and support for your home.

​Drywood Termites – Native to southern and western states, these insects are rare in Ohio.  However, they may be transported into your home through furniture and decorative items made from infested wood.


Powderpost Beetles – Mostly introduced into the home by furniture, flooring, and other finished lumber products, these insects damage wood slowly. ​


Old House Borer Beetles – Although more common in eastern seaboard states, these insects are occasionally found in homes in Ohio that are less than 10 years old.


​Wharf Borer Beetles – Prefer rotted wood that has been completely saturated by water, which is typically the wood buried below the structure of your home.


Carpenter Ants – Known for chewing through wood structures to create the colonies in which to live, these insects pose a structural risk to your home.


Carpenter Bees – Similar to carpenter ants, these insects excavate wood to create areas to live.


​Horntail Wasp – Nest in the walls of a structure and may cause cosmetic damage to your home.  ​


Wood Destroying Fungi - While not an insect, certain types of fungus can compromise the integrity of the wooden structure supporting your home.  

Your certified inspector will examine your home for potential infestations and damage caused by the Wood Destroying Insects listed below and more.

Wood Destroying Insects