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Why Get an Inspection?

Your home is a big investment.  A home inspection helps you discover potential problems a house has before purchasing, and offers you peace of mind.  

Home Pre-Sale Inspection - Many Sellers choose to have their home inspected prior to listing it on the market.  A Pre-Sale Inspection by R3 Home Inspections will make the Seller aware of key selling points and also identify any issues that may endanger the sale of the home or the listing price.  

Home Purchase Inspection - Choosing to have the home you plan to purchase inspected prior to closing provides many advantages.  A Home Purchase Inspection by R3 Home Inspections can reveal gas leaks or insect damage, as well as, any improper additions or installations within the house, ensuring your safety and the safety of the home.  An inspection before finalizing the purchase of your home can also provide you as a Buyer a strong negotiating tool when attempting to sway the purchase price in your favor.  Finally, a home inspection alerts you to potential future maintenance and upkeep so you can budget accordingly.

New Construction Inspection - When building a new home it is important to hire an inspector who works for you and puts your interest before deadlines, project completion, and weather delays.  By hiring R3 Home Inspections as your personal certified inspector, you safeguard your investment for the future.

Please note, your R3 Home Inspector is not responsible for correcting or repairing any potential issues identified during the certified inspection. Your R3 home inspector may recommend  repairs be made, or advise you to hire a skilled professional in each trade for further information.

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