Are you building instead of buying?  R3 Home Inspections provides a three phase inspection for new construction.                                               

Why not just rely on the city code inspector?

  • He does not work for you

New Construction Inspection


  • 2500 sq ft or less: $350*

  • 2501-3000 sq ft: $400*

  • 3001-3500 sq ft: $450*

*All pricing is based on square footage of the home.


We strive to provide you with the services you need to ensure the home you're building is reliable.  We work for you and put your interests first, when other inspectors may not. Please contact us for a customized quote if your situation is unique.

First Phase - Inspection will occur after the foundation and footers have been poured.

Second Phase - Inspection will occur once the framing for the structure is in place* .

Third Phase - Inspection will occur once the plumbing and electrical for the structure is in place*.

*Inspection is pre-drywall